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  • Spring 2020A Colorful Palette of New Tools

    This Zoner Photo Studio X update will change how you see color editing. And not just that.

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    Score With Your Color Editing

    With our new 360° color shifting, you can replace any color you want however you want. It’s stress-free and error-free. Change hue, luminance, and saturation in ways never before imaginable. Our new color correction tools are here!

    We’ve mixed the latest findings of color perception science with some magic from our developers. The result? A new tool for work with hue, saturation and luminance that respects how the human eye sees different colors.A New HSL Model

    Just Click and Drag

    It can’t get any simpler. Just click in a photo with the eyedropper and drag the mouse. ZPS X will automatically choose the right mix of hues and ratio between them. Dynamic nature photos are now obtainable in a matter of moments.

    Tutorial: How to Work With the New Eyedropper


    Color Picking Under Your Full Control

    In the advanced color editing mode, you target a final color with surgical precision using a slice of the color spectrum—and you can keep a close watch over transition smoothness too.

    Tutorial: Become the Captain of Your Color Wheel


    Going beyond our rivals

    In the advanced mode you can also change the saturation range to which it applies. And the new Uniformity setting helps you merge hues and the replaced colors.

    Tutorial: Learn to Do What the Competition Can’t Yet Do


    Capture a Precise Hue

    The color eyedropper determines a color’s precise position in the color spectrum. That means less trial and error for you.


    A Live Mask

    The mask shows which parts of a photo your changes will affect, in several modes—including a live preview.


    Just a Quick Double-click to Reset

    Double-clicking any setting’s name quickly resets it.


    Set Your Colors Free!

    Experience the new update for yourself—explore it 30 days for free.
    Even if you’ve already tried ZPS X, we’ll give you another 15 days to explore!

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    Supports Windows 10

    Unique Atmosphere in Just a Few Clicks

    It’s like having millions of presets at once! With our new color toning tools, you can easily give your photos an original style—or emulate color combinations verified by millions of photographers and filmmakers.

    A touch of a slider is all it takes to set a lights-to-shadows ratio for split toning.

    Tutorial: How to Use Split Toning on Your Photos

    Green-tinted shadows and orange- or yellow-tinted lights can make your photos cinematic.

    Customize the Develop Module to Meet Your Needs

    Each section of Develop can be collapsed by clicking the arrow to give more room for the rest. Or you can even hide it away in the right-click menu.


    Shift Primary Colors

    Not quite satisfied with how Zoner Photo Studio X sees colors? Or how your camera processes them? Help is just a slider away!

    Tutorial: Making the Shift Primary Colors Feature Work for You


    You can easily set primary-color shifting (and other edits too) as the starting point for every future photo. It will be applied the moment you open a photo in Develop.


    The Develop Module Is Now Much Faster

    Its new quick previews ensure that editing in the Develop module will be smooth on today’s hardware—and yesterday’s too. You control processing speed yourself by setting a quality level of preview.


    Double-check the Development Process

    Due to plenty of new features, we updated the development process in the Develop module to version “ZPS X 2020”. Photos you develop in the future will use this process. Already-developed photos will use the old process unless you change it—to do so, click the gear icon. If a picture is still set to use the old process, you won’t have access to the new development features for it.


    The Catalog Now Saves More Time and Disk Space

    ZPS X actively watches over the copying and moving of files and folders when you’re working with the Catalog.

    Avoids unnecessary reloading.

    Saves disk space on duplicate files


    New Features on Zonerama For ZPS X subscribers only

    Save time when uploading photos and enjoy full control over album sharing.


    Direct Export Into Subfolders

    In the Export window, you can now generate Zonerama subfolders directly—including subfolders auto-named using Variable Text.


    Customizable Links

    Even for a single album, you can generate multiple links with different security levels, validity, and viewing options.


    Work With Links Is Clearer Than Ever

    On Zonerama, you’ll find all the links you’ve generated in one place, with download statistics and a Delete button.


    Perspective Cropping for Your Work With Documents

    You can straighten and crop a photographed document in the Develop module in one step.


    Join the Color Revolution!

    Create great photos full of colors and save work too.
    Try Zoner Photo Studio X for 30 days free with no strings attached!


    Download FREE
    Supports Windows 10