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  • Privacy Policy

    We warmly welcome your use of the Zoner Photo Studio Uploader, within the Terms of Use. But don’t worry—the Terms are easy to meet.

    Zoner Photo Studio Uploader is an integral part of Zoner Photo Studio. Therefore, if you are using an Uploader-enhanced version Zoner Photo Studio (this include Zoner Photo Studio FREE and all numbered versions 12 and higher) in harmony with its End User License Agreement, then you can use Zoner Photo Studio Uploader. Such uses include:

    • Use of the FREE edition.
    • Use of the trial version within the trial period.
    • Commercial, licensed use of the program.

    There are no further limitations on the use of the Zoner Photo Studio Uploader.

    Further Information

    If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us with them at info@zoner.com.