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  • Zoner Photo Studio for Your Organization—Affordably

    Zoner Software offers non-profit organizations, businesses, schools, and government offices major discounts on site licenses.

    No Hassles, One Account

    Site licenses offer more than just a good price. They also mean greatly simplified administration. Just use a single account, receive a written license certificate, and use Zoner Photo Studio on as many computers as you want within your organization. What’s more, your staff can also use your site license at home.

    We will aid interested parties personally to help them find the licensing model that suits them best. We have a great deal of experience from helping past site license customers, and we guarantee we’ll find an attractive, affordable solution for you.

    We offer our site license customers some free side benefits as well:

    • Full telephone and e-mail support
    • Zoner Account enables easy management of licenses and provides protection against their loss
    • Custom installation file for extensive company usage

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